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Woodlands Endodontics, P.C. has a fee for service practice. Endodontic fees range from $900 to $2500 dollars. Fees are calculated based on the complexity of the treatment. We will perform a thorough evaluation and you will be informed of fees before treatment. We will also take assignment of insurance from most carriers. We will gladly file your insurance claim on your behalf. We except a portion of our fee the day of treatment and will wait for 90 days for a payment from your insurance carrier. After 90 days, if the insurance carrier has not paid, you will be responsible for the entire balance of your account. We will not become involved in disputes between you and your insurance company regarding coverage and/or policy benefit criteria, i.e. deductibles, non-covered services, co-insurance, coordination of benefits, pre-existing conditions or “reasonable and customary charges.” Your account balance is a contract between you and Woodlands Endodontics, P.C.; not between your insurance carrier and Woodlands Endodontics, P.C.

Payment options include: cash, American Express, MasterCard/Visa, Discover Card and also Care Credit. You can contact our office for more information regarding Care Credit.


We will also need some information about you before your visit to our office. Below are some links to the forms you will need to fill out. You may click on each and print the form on your printer. Fill them out in ink and bring them with you.

Patient Information »

Medical History »

Informed Consent »

Financial Agreement »


Forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may click the link below for a free download.